November 11, 2008
PC FM's News Reader Boitumelo Koloi

PC FM's News Reader, Boitumelo Koloi

By ‘Maemile Mohai               

 It is very few of the listeners who have heard him read the news every morning at People’s Choice (PC) FM radio station who would believe he is only a young man of 23 years. Boitumelo Koloi has a very majestic and authoritatively deep voice that puts him in class of his own among the other news readers in the country.

Koloi, a news reader and senior reporter at PC FM is also a final year mass communication student at the Institute of Extra Mural Studies (IEMS) under the National University of Lesotho (NUL).   With a very humble back ground, born in a family where in almost the entire genealogy not one person has ever reached tertiary level of education, let alone set eyes on the university building, this down-to-earth character is almost living his dream.



November 11, 2008
A Traditional Healer reading her bones

A Traditional Healer reading her bones

By Limpho Nkoane

 Inside a hut at Ha Tšosane in Maseru, Ntaoleng Mosito sits on a mat on the floor, staring attentively at a small pile of bones on the ground. Strings of beads run around her neck and across her chest. On her head, sits a cap made of leopard skin. The hut is “where the ancestors live,” and it is Ntaoleng’s consulting room.

 The walls are hung with a traditional healer’s equipment, animal skins, and a string of teeth. A wooden cupboard with a glass door is packed to capacity with variety of tins, bottles and jars full of powders and liquids – Ntaoleng’s pharmacy.

A few feet away, 30-year-old Sello Khoabane sits quietly on the ground, waiting for the verdict. After reading the bones, Ntaoleng announces that Sello is well.Ntaoleng is a traditional healer (Sangoma), and Sello is one of her patients. True to Ntaoleng’s verdict, Sello says he is not ill; in fact, he is feeling much better today than he was a month ago, when he had come to see the traditional healer due to persistent muscle pains on his shoulders and legs, as well as frequent headaches. Today he has come back to pay her M50 and to thank the healer because he is no longer in pain. Sello paid Ntaoleng M50 for consultation and medication.


November 11, 2008

Mahanyane Phusumane, a writer of books

Mahanyane Phusumane, a writer of books

By Motšelisi Lali     

            The advice from his teacher culminated in making him a writer of books. He still hardly believes that his first book was published when he was at the age of twenty-three, and put on syllabus at secondary schools the very same year it was published.

             Mahanyane Phusumane 28, is a talented man who spends his spare time writing Sesotho books. He struggled for almost two years working on his first published poetry book called ‘Ribolla Mophatha Mofoli’, which was published in 2003. “I couldn’t believe it was written by me, I‘ve never felt so much elated in my life. I knew that if it wasn’t because of my teacher’s advice, I did not know how to thank her,” says Phusumane.

He felt even more flattered, when his book was put on syllabus and read for two years at secondary schools throughout the country.

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November 11, 2008

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